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Language and thought

Aug 26, 2021

An advice for people managing start-ups or companies taken from a super fun book written by Jason Fried, that a friend suggested, put me to dream a little bit. Is this statement accurate?

One thing I'm fascinated about is scientists explaining the relation that exists between language and thinking. It seems that language, being our framework to construct ideas and reasoning, may limit or enable us to reach different intellectual levels. I can think of the famous voice note by Einstein or some the videos from Stephen Pinker, which are beautiful to hear. On what I think is the same line, I found the movie "Arrival" mind blowing because of that. The movie was created from a spec script by Eric Heisserer, and using this relation reaches a whole different league. Spoiler alert before-hand, the movie narrates the story of a scientist that gets to a cognitive level in which she can see the future because of her understanding of these complex logograms that the aliens use as language. I loved those symbols, these logograms, that were helped to be built by the Wolframs by programming using mathematical symbolic computation.

I wonder if the relation between language and thought is the lower level base that explains how someone like Jason believes in the power of writing.

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